Wisma Delima

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Wisma Delima - 15 Jun 06 13:16

Wisma Delima
Jalan Jaksa No. 5
Phone: 3190 4157
Hours: 06am - 12pm

Wisma Delima was established in 1969. It was the first place to offer accommodation to foreign tourists in Jalan Jaksa. Itís a family business now run by Mr. Boy.

Wisma Delima is commonly used as a transit place for tourists that intend to continue their travel to other parts of the archipelago.

There are fourteen rooms, with each room having double (Rp50,000) or single (Rp30,000) beds.
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Re: Wisma Delima - 08 Feb 07 07:49

i stayed there one night in the mid 80 s

never did go back
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Re: Wisma Delima - 28 Mar 07 02:46

I met mr Boy(ke) last year, very gay ,but very friendly and funny guy, . Funny, didnt know he ran a hostel. What about the quality of the rooms in this hostel?