Bar Fans Club Café

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Bar Fans Club Café - 14 Jun 06 22:25

Bar Fans Club Café
Jalan Jaksa No. 10
Phone: 021-31930605
Hours: 10am – 2am

BFC has low-priced Bali Hai beer and a limited menu for spirits and food. It has pool table inside for a minimal cost.

Customers mostly sit outdoors on unique tree stump stools and tables and in the words of local writer Simon Pitchforth, "tend to make one feel like an outsize garden gnome but the place is cheap, usually busy, and attracts a good cross-section of locals and foreigners."

BFC is also runs a course for bartenders called JBC (Jakarta Bartenders Club). They have a regular and private class for only Rp. 1,000,000 for a three-month private course, and Rp 750,000 for a three-month regular course.
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Re: Bar Fans Club Café - 28 Aug 06 16:11

i love BFC, great food and fair price beverage laugh but the pool table was suck frown . better if i paly pool at jaksa pool n lounge laugh
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Re: Bar Fans Club Café - 30 Aug 06 19:34

yups that's the new on in jalan jaksa..nice place and look very high class
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Re: Bar Fans Club Café - 31 Aug 06 12:58

yup, and the price is affordable. if i'm "bokek", i prefer go to jaksa pool n lounge than afterhour laugh