At the age of 8, I was a sniper for the Khmer Rouge. Their talent scouts discovered me on my local beach in California while I was shooting my X-69wzBS pink water pistol. Next thing I knew, I was on the front lines in the jungles of Kampuchea as the key member of the super-duper elitist A-team sniper company unit platoon thing for the KR. I taught Pol Pot how to make a pot of Texas Chili with just the right amount of bovine shit blended well with flat-out lies. He treated me like the son he never had. Shortly thereafter, Pol (as I called him) turned me on to jungle meat and Iíve been a ravenous carnivore ever since. Every time I see someone with satay, I compulsively steal a skewer from their plate.

And then I met GI Jankis in a bar a few weeks ago. This character has proclaimed himself to be the self-styled Chief Bovine Shit Detector and Two-Faced Backstabber, who apparently knows all about my life and my eating habits -- much better than I know myself and much better than the folks whoíve known me for over 10 years in Indonesia. (BTW, the actual story with me in Cambodia was that I was there in the mid-90s doing humanitarian work and our gardener was an old KR veteran. Perhaps his medication was wearing off when he made the incredible leap from an old gardener TO stealing skewers of satay TO snipers.)

Seriously though, itís really a depressing situation when idiots with no backbone at all just start spewing forth ridiculous lies about me or others because they canít hold their own in any given discussion/debate. Itís even more disgusting how Corp Dickwearing, Chew and Dill et al., just jump on the pile like cowardly schoolboys to get their cheap-shots in.

As WD said a few weeks ago before signing off, JakChat used to be a cool place with fun people Ė a proper community atmosphere Ė and some interesting discussions, but now itís become a tired, puerile, backstabbing, dysfunctional depressing place wallowing in the mire of personal attacks on other members and pre-pubescent jokes on such riveting subjects as masturbation, bestiality and other tripped-out shit.

hasta luego putos.
Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.