Myanmar troops tell protesters to go home or be shot
Thu Sep 27, 2007

By Aung Hla Tun

YANGON (Reuters) - Troops cleared the streets of central Yangon on Thursday, telling protesters they had 10 minutes to go home or be shot, as the Myanmar junta intensified its two-day crackdown on the largest uprising in 20 years.

Crowds scattered as 200 soldiers marched slowly through the streets, rifles at their sides and loudspeakers blaring out warnings -- ominous reminders of 1988, when an estimated 3,000 people were killed in the crushing of nationwide demonstrations.

Riot police walking from Sule Pagoda, end-point of more than a week of monk-led marches against military rule and economic hardship, clattered their rattan shields with wooden batons.

"It's a terrifying noise," one witness said.

The troops acted shortly after 1,000 chanting protesters hurled stones and water bottles at them, prompting a police charge in which shots were fired and one man fell to the ground unconscious.

A witness described him as "an older man, with a small camera who appeared to be Chinese or Japanese".

A hospital source said a foreign photographer, believed to be Japanese, had been killed. Kyodo news agency said the Myanmar government had told the Japanese embassy in Yangon that one of its citizens had been killed.

On Wednesday, Buddhist monks said five of their brethren had been killed when security forces tried to disperse huge crowds protesting against more than 45 years of military rule and deepening economic hardship.
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