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#40574 - 13 Jan 07 04:52 New Paper -Who is putting up the money?
Jakarta_Free_Press Offline

Registered: 06 Nov 05
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Some kind chap suggests I start a new paper as i don't care for the pro-red, left/lib JP.
Yes, great idea, if I had limousine liberals like the Kennedys or Heinz-Kerry or Soros to fund me. Meanwhile I endure.
But what's the The Point....who's behind it, and why don't they distribute further west than Slipi?
Some of you guys or gals must know.

#40578 - 13 Jan 07 05:44 Re: New Paper -Who is putting up the money? *DELETED* [Re: Jakarta_Free_Press]
Macan Tutul Offline
Pujangga Muda

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Post deleted by Macan Tutul
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#40584 - 13 Jan 07 07:07 Re: New Paper -Who is putting up the money? [Re: Macan Tutul]
Piss Salon Offline
Pujangga Besar

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The Point has potential to raise the bar (that wouldn't be hard after all) but is falling well short at the moment. It does often scoop the Post however. Unfortunately that only happens when it uses wire copy.

Regardless, probably won't be around too long with unsubstantiated rumors being that Bakrie has his hand in the mix. Everyone denies it though.

You can buy it from the convenience stores in most major apartment/hotel complexes and places like Toko Gunung Agung etc. If you get your hands on a copy there is a list inside that tells you where you can buy it. Catch 22.
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#40614 - 14 Jan 07 00:17 Re: New Paper -Who is putting up the money? [Re: Piss Salon]
xsbir Offline

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Some street sellers on Jl. Hasyim Ashari have the Point. It has a much better business section than the JP. You're right, it wouldn't be hard to raise the bar here.
Don't even try!

#41783 - 24 Jan 07 03:55 Re: New Paper -Who is putting up the money? [Re: xsbir]
naga Offline

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"You're right, it wouldn't be hard to raise the bar here."

no, not after reading Randy Salim's load of shite the other day, at least PG wrote an articulate rebutal this morning...
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