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#29707 - 22 Feb 06 21:17 Re: Freedom of Speech
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Originally posted by Polar Bear:
No I havent seen Crash. any good?

I really was a racist.... Seems so crazy now.

I did an MBA. i had to do group work with lot of Asians. They were SUCH cool dudes. Clever and funny. After I left my wife I had 134 Asian gf......... [/QB]
Not the superb one, but quite good, worth to watch.

So you had 134 pumpkins? Guess you should be a farmer... smile so what are you doing here? Go watering you pumpkins
"The human heart feel things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand"

#29708 - 23 Feb 06 05:19 Re: Freedom of Speech
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Pujangga Besar

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Im looking for a new pumpkin patch...

want to join?????


Have a great day honey smile smile

#29709 - 24 Feb 06 22:30 Re: Freedom of Speech
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There is no Freedom OF Speech (FOS) per se. There is only a freedom to say what is perceived to be the right thing to a group of people.

Look at 'Intelligent Design', a new education doctrine to be introduced into the American education system.

Look at how histories and facts being eskewed to satisfy certain groups of people. Not only in countries with oppresive governments but also in those so called democracies (in whatever form of democracies).

The Internet is supposed to be a medium of freedom. But information that is being published is somewhat censored because the controlling interest wants to connvey certain type of information.

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