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#29337 - 17 Mar 06 18:05 Re: Jihad or martyrdom
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and where where were you cherry hmmm for two whole days hmmm??? laugh laugh

..take only what you need..

#29338 - 17 Mar 06 18:18 Re: Jihad or martyrdom
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Yes Cherry, still busy with your work?

Ena, when you come back to INA?
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#29339 - 18 Mar 06 08:38 Re: Jihad or martyrdom
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Originally posted by Black Adder:
PB, Hope you are not getting cold feet about this fair country. Actually in the Jkt Post today on the front page was an article talking about the survey, I did not read too much about the survey itself but the wife and I discussed it and she said what she had seen on local TV was that the people surveyed were basically people who live outside of Jkt and have the equivilent schooling of 5th or 6th grade, thats all, that represents a large amount of the people surveyed. I have talked to a large number or Indonesian professionals here and they actually want a return of a semi-strong man like Suharto to come in and put his foot down and clean it up at least back to the level it was before so that the professional Foreign companies come back in.
Hey I am a coward!

seriously, I think things will get much worse (from a Western perspective) before they get better.

Better to watch from the sidelines and see where things go before I invest any more money.

I saw exactly this same situation developing in Iran in the late 70s. The similarity is scary. The average Iranian didnít give a damn, but the revolutionary guards were determined to bring about fundamental Islamic rule, and they achieved it. By 79 Westerners were leaving in droves - some had lived there for 20-30 years.

Indonesia is an unpredictable country at the best of times.....

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