Just had a very amusing phone call with a friend of mine in the UK that I would like to share with you..

This girl who I will call Jane recently got talking to a guy in a bar and proceeded to get a little drunk. One thing leads to another and she takes the guy back to her flat. They are getting down to business and the guy is giving it to her doggy style when he "accidentally" goes the wrong way up a one-way street (in plain talk - up the arse). This takes my friend Jane by surprise who either from the shock and pain entry or pulling away and hitting her head (she cant remember) passes out naked on the floor.

Next thing Jane remembers is the guy, her next-door neighbour and paramedics standing over her naked body. Needless to say the paramedics had big smiles on their face, the neighbour can no longer make eye contact with her and the guy will never be invited over again.
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