I am a British citizen of Pakistani heritage and I recently went on a trip to the Netherlands. I was told by friends to visit some Indonesian restaurants, which I did. I was not prepared for what was to follow - I thought the dishes I had were some of the tastiest dishes I have ever eaten in my life. Indonesian food seemed like someone took the food my native Pakistan/India and mixed it with some South East Asian ingredients to get a unique taste and flavour. My favourite dishes were rendang, ati ayam (chicken livers), lamb gulai, semur daging and satay. I literally ate Indonesian food everyday while I was in the Netherlands.

Before going to the Netherlands I was about to start a catering business doing Persian Food, now I think Indonesian Food will do much better because it is much richer and, in my opinion, much tastier, also Indonesian food hasn't travelled to the UK much, there are literally only a handful of Indonesian restaurants in London and all of them in the centre.

I am having trouble finding a chef though, because there are not many Indonesians in the UK. The reason I am posting here is because, some of you may have family in the UK or know someone who has family in the UK, if you know anyone who can cook good delicious food then please let them know about this opportunity, I will be offering good pay.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, the person who leads me to find my chef I promise to reward you by sending a gift through Western Union smile