Salamat pagi

I hope that you can read english because I have forgotten most of my indonesian (I was in Java from 3 to 7).
I am a 54y old french physiotherapist with 30 years of experience, now specialised in "esthetic with no surgery" : ultrasound with cavitation, radiofrecuency, phototherapy,etc.. as you can see me in my site many technics which I have learnt in Argentina, which is a Top country in esthetic, like Brazil.
Of course, I am also a real medical physiotherapist, specialised in back pains.
Can we imagine that you would help me to find a good esthetician, minimum 5 years of experience, good in english, looking pretty, clever, witty, honest and easy-going and OK to be associated with me in the creation of a spa in Bali, where of course she will not put money.
I have some money to do it and some knowledges to transmit to make a good business in Bali, in direction of the 7000 expatriated women who lives there + the tourists who need back treatments in their rooms.
I would love to be succesfull in Bali, of course. But to achieve this, I need a good fair local associate. Who will have some work, of course, but interresting one, and well-paid, with a lot of responsibilities and autonomy with time.

If you can help two professionals to meet, first on the net', be blessed !

Best regards


New Caledonia