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#117295 - 15 Jan 12 14:06 S t o r y

Once a farmer sells puppies. So he made a sign and when I put the final nail felt like someone pulled him by the sleeve. He turned and saw ... a little boy.

"Sir, I want to buy a puppy," said the boy.

The farmer thought for a moment and replied. "Do you know these puppies parents is very large and very costly."

The boy hung his head for a minute. After he took from his pocket some coins show the farmer and asked, "I have the money to come see the puppies."

The farmer got a whistle and immediately jumped out of the doghouse Bitch and ran behind her five balls of fur. The boys stared with eyes full of happiness. Suddenly he saw another fur ball coming towards him, but with great difficulty as the other puppies. Crawling and struggling to achieve.

"What I" said the boy.

"But you can not get it," said the farmer. "It will never to run and play like other puppies."

The boy leaned forward and lifted the leg of his pants to reveal ... Two steel blades to hold the leg and at the end in a special shoe ...

"You see sir," said the boy, "I do not work very well and led the life of someone taking notes."

The farmer with tears in his eyes bent down, picked up the puppy and drop into the arms of the boy.

"What, sir?" Asked the young.
"Nothing makes my boy," said the farmer. "LOVE & THE SOUL NOT BOUGHT Greatness.."

Taken from Grecian story- Translated to English by Rebekah Olson


#117300 - 17 Jan 12 21:49 Re: S t o r y [Re: ]

there is many inspiring stories from British Muslim Association. it really makes me feel better. the association member's posting feels to realize me about many things. i am eager to read the book of yusuf islam to grow up my faith and to take me away from useless things. it is available at gunung agung bookstore. such books will reduce any world desires...


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