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I believe that this Golok was part of the movement and struggle for Indonesian Independance.
I'm told that it is Soenda, from Priangan, Soemedang Regency and was carried by a fighter in the 'Sajiddin'.

There are long inscriptions on both sides of the blade relating to this. Most has been translated, but a few words/areas remain elusive.

Below is what we have, if anyone can fill in the blanks it would be truly appreciated.

I am going to assume that the correct 'order' would be the one that starts with the date, and ending with the repeated expression of assent and approval.

So, first side:

"1365 ****unknown**** Yakfeekuhum Allah wa huwa al Samee' al Aleem Fa qute'ah dabir alqawm alatheen thalamu wa alhamdu lelah rab al alameen."

"1945 ****unknown**** And Enough for you is Allah, the all hearer, the all knower. So the ruse (or scheme) of the people who have commited injustice is cut (or stopped, or subdued) and praise be to Allah, the lord of the worlds."

And the Second side:

"Nasrun min allah wa fat'hun kareeb, Wa bashir al mu'mineen. Wa ma ramait ith ramait laken allah rama ********unknown********* ha mim, ha mim, ha mim, ha mim, ha mim, ha mim, ha mim ***unknown***"

"Close victory from God and close conquest, so give glad tidings to the believers. If you have shot your bow, it is not you who have shot, but it is God. ********unknown******** Repeated invocation ***unknown***"

Pictures edited to read from right to left, top then bottom.

EDIT: If you change screen zoom to 200% the pictures are a readable size.
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