Obama plans to visit Indonesia's Bali in November

JAKARTA, Indonesia's Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said U.S. President Barack Obama plans to visit Bali in November this year, local media reported Thursday.

"I just met with U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Scot Marciel. He told me Obama would visit Bali, most likely in November," Pastika said Wednesday.

He added that U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton would also visit Bali in July, to attend an international meeting and to check on preparations in Bali before Obama's visit.

Pastika said Bali would be ready to receive the U.S. president.

"Security will be coordinated by the central government, the National Police and related institutions," he was quoted by The Jakarta Post online as saying.

Obama had planned to visit Bali in 2010, but cancelled the visit because of home affairs.
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