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#115485 - 25 Mar 11 15:19 SILET = Gossip
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Media Watchdog to Appeal Ruling on 'Silet'

The national broadcasting watchdog says it will appeal a court ruling to cancel the temporary suspension of infotainment program "Silet" for its controversial coverage of the Mount Merapi on private television station RCTI.

On Wednesday the State Administrative Court revoked the Indonesian Broadcasting Comission’s (KPI) temporary suspension of Silet, which triggered panic in November last year when it reported Merapi was expected to erupt with even greater intensity in the following week.

KPI had ruled that the show was allowed to return to air when Merapi’s alert status was downgraded, but RCTI ignored the commission and Silet resumed on Nov. 15, 2010.

On Nov. 17, 2010 KPI filed a police report against television station RCTI to the police and seek to temporarily revoke the private broadcaster’s license for allegedly ignoring sanctions imposed in the wake of its controversial Merapi volcano coverage.

On Nov. 29, 2010 RCTI filed a lawsuit against KPI to the State Administrative Court, requesting the court to revoke the suspension.

After four months of hearings, the court's presiding judge on Wednesday ruled in favor of RCTI, citing procedural errors in the commission's decision to impose a sanction.

Ezki Suyanto from the KPI said the commission would file for an appeal as soon as they had received a legal copy of the court’s verdict.

“[The ruling] is weird because we have gone through all the required procedures in accordance with the programming standards and broadcasting code of conduct before we agreed to issue the sanction,” she said.

But according to Ezki, the judges ruled that the content of Silet’s program on Nov. 7 did not violate the programming standards and broadcasting code of conduct, or P3SPS.

“They don’t have the authority to evaluate on the show’s content since it falls under our authority,” she said, adding that the judges also stated the commission was wrong to suspend the gossip show so soon after summoning RCTI for an official clarification.

“There is no provision that regulates the time frame for issuing such a decision to a broadcasting program that has breached the broadcasting and programming conducts,” she said.

Despite the KPI filing a police report, RCTI broadcast a new infotainment program called “Intens” to fill in Silet’s time slot of 11 a.m. While the program had a different name and presenter, it maintained a similar format to its predecessor.

Then on Nov. 29, RCTI filed a lawsuit to the court asking it to reject KPI’s order.

Silet itself returned to RCTI’s screen again on Feb. 25, 2011, featuring the same presenter, Fenny Rose. It currently runs everyday at 5.30 p.m. straight after the station’s popular evening news program.

“If we were to revoke the sanction, that means Silet would be cleared off the record of ethics violation on the Merapi coverage while all nine commissioners at that time agreed unanimously that it indeed had breached the broadcasting conduct,” Ezki said

#115488 - 26 Mar 11 10:50 Re: SILET = Gossip [Re: Cabi-Cabi Lucu]
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i'm with the KPI on this one. Media at that time were grossly irresponsible.
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#115489 - 26 Mar 11 13:17 Re: SILET = Gossip [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Agreeing with government institutions doesn't sit well with me, but I concur.

#115490 - 26 Mar 11 13:45 Re: SILET = Gossip [Re: Marmalade]
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Agreeing with government institutions doesn't sit well with me, but I concur.

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#115492 - 26 Mar 11 22:00 Re: SILET = Gossip [Re: Vulgarian]
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sorry guys

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#115523 - 29 Mar 11 10:12 Re: SILET = Gossip [Re: Cabi-Cabi Lucu]
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so that's why I prefer to be a jobless than warking as an infortaiment reporter wink
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