Located in Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Ground floor. It serves authentic Chinese cuisine in affordable price, including Ye Sang menu (new year prosperity food which is only available once a year). The food tastes great, service is quick, place is clean and staff is really helpful (even one staff speaks in a good and correct Chinese intonation when she serves us Ye Sang menu). This restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Some example of the price:
- Whole roast duck Rp.218,000
- 700 grams of Steamed snapper Rp.273,000
- Stirred fried beef and pepper (large) Rp.172,000
- Deep fried beef tendon (small) Rp.63,000
- Deep fried spicy and sour chicken (small) Rp.58,000
- Steamed vegetables in pumpkin (large) Rp.172,000
- Golden Jade steamed tofu (small) Rp.38,000
- Seafood fried noodle (small) Rp.76,000
- Salmon Ye Sang (large) Rp.208,000
- Thai rice Rp.6,000 (per bowl)
- Chinese tea Rp.6,000 (per person, refillable)
- Juice Rp.22,000 (per glass)
- Ice Lemon tea Rp.18,000 (per glass)
- Pickle Rp.5,000

The above was more than enough for 12 people.

Golden Jade Kitchen
Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Unit G 15 B-C Ground Level
Tel: +62-21-45853618