PDIP supports govt`s commitment to invest Rp400 B in ANTARA

Jakarta (Antara News) - The Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle (PDIP) faction in parliament supports the government`s commitment to inject Rp400 billion into state-owned Antara News agency, a spokesman said.

"We have no reasons for not backing the realization of the state`s investment in ANTARA because this news service is the representation of the state in disseminating information to the world," PDIP Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo said here Monday.

Speaking to newsmen at the House of Representatives (DPR) here, he said the House`s commission on information, foreign affairs and defense basically had no objection to the injection of state funds into ANTARA.

The state`s investment itself was meant to enable ANTARA to meet its goals of becoming a world class news service. With the investment, it was expected to be able to improve the quality of its news reporting and services to its subscribers, he said.

The improvement of ANTARA`s news services was partly measured with cheaper subscribing prices and more accessible information dissemination, Kumolo said.

"We hear the expectations of the country`s mass media that ANTARA can be the national reference for both regional and national media outlets," he said.

As a news service that the government entrusted to disseminate information to the public, ANTARA was demanded to improve the quality of its services and maintain sound public accountability, he said.

Asked about the Wisma ANTARA building matter, Kumolo said the building`s legal ownership status should be resolved. In this case, the government needs to reopen the files of the Wisma ANTARA building`s legal case, he said.

If the Wisma ANTARA building was originally a state asset, the government should soon return its legal ownership status to ANTARA, he said.

"If the building is currently under a personal ownership, this matter must be handled properly," he said adding that the legal status of the building`s ownership should be cleared to help ANTARA meet its goals. (*)
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